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Our interviews with Mayor Candidate Bart Mancuso,
and a recap of the Candidates in the First Circuit Court of Appeal Race:
Chris Erny, Judge William Dupont, Mitch Theriot and Mark Plaisance
Seg 1 - Bart Mancuso; Seg 2 - Judges;
Our interviews with Mayor Candidates Boo Grizzaffi and Lee Dragna
Seg 1 - Boo Grizzaffi; Seg 2 - Lee Dragna;
Our interviews with Mayor Candidates Kevin Voisin and Larry Bergeron
Seg 1 - Kevin Voisin; Seg 2 - Larry Bergeron; Seg 3 - Conclusion;
St. Mary Chamber Eggs and Issues Forum,
featuring the 2012 Morgan City Mayoral Candidates
Lee Dragna, Kevin Voisin, Bart Mancuso, Larry Bergeron and Frank "Boo" Grizzaffi III
The forum was held Sept 12;
Guest: Nelson Cortez, Board Member, La. Shrimp & Petroleum Festival
Segment 1; Segment 2; Segment 3
Guest: Carrie Stansbury, St. Mary Parish Cajun Coast Tourist Commission
Segment 1; Segment 2; Segment 3
Guest: Lisa Patterson of Maison Jardin
Segment 1; Segment 2; Segment 3
Guest: Morgan City Mayor Tim Matte discusses the city's electrical problems
Segment 1; Segment 2; Segment 3
Guest: St. Mary Chamber Vice Chairman Jason Bailey
discusses The Leadership St. Mary Program
Segment 1; Segment 2;

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